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Inside the Historic Church of St. Patrick



Outside the Historic Church of St. Patrick 

This cross, dedicated to Margaret Hays Tank, the major benefactor of the various reconstruction projects, sits outside of the church in the new Memorial Garden. The bricks that surround the statue and make up the garden are inscribed with the names of parishioners and nine of the Priests who have served the Historic Church of St. Patrick.

All images were taken by Greg Johnson

Pastors of St. Patrick's (1862-Present)

Term               Pastors
1862-1902       Very Rev. Edward A. Hannin
1903-1922       Rev. James P. McCloskey
1922-1935       Rev. Francis J. Keyes
1935-1968       Rev. Edmind J. Connolly
1968-1981       Msgr. Jerome E Schmit
1981-1990       Rev. John A. Thomas
1990-1991       Rev. Thomas J. Gordon
1991-1997       Rev. Richard J. Saelzer
1997-2005       Very Rev. Michael R. Billian, VE
2005-Present    Rev. Dennis P. Hartigan

Bibliography and Thanks

Thanks to Deacon Tom Carone, Father Dennis Hartigan, Margaret Myers for her excellent resources on the history of the church, the parishioners of Historic St. Patrick's Church, Anna Ryan, and the clergy of the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Ballymote, Ireland.

Thanks also to Mike Cora and Irene Martin of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library.


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Contact Information for St. Patrick's Church

Location: 130 Avondale Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43604
General Phone: 419-243-6452
Church Bulletins:
Liturgy Schedule:

St. Patrick's Parish Leaders     

Pastor: Reverend Dennis P. Hartigan, Ph.D.
In residence: Reverend Monsignor Christopher P. Vasko
Deacon: Deacon Thomas S. Carone
Pastoral Associate: Mr. David Smith
Business Manager: Ms. Trish Shaffer
Secretary: Ms. Sherri Gaudet
Maintenance: John Carone
Organist: Mr. Terry Brassell
Music Coordinator: Mrs. Katherine Bishop-Brassell
Choir Director: Mr. Steve Kwiatkowski

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