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Legendary Fires

1872 – Warren & Bidwell Co. Fire

May 20, 1898 - The Dow & Snell Fire

Sept. 20, 1898 - The Union Railroad and Transportation Co. Fire

January 3, 1894 - The Chamber of Commerce Fire

September 19, 1900 - The Rosen's Junk Warehouse Fire

December 11, 1916 - Tragedy at the Paddock Merchandising Fire from History of the Toledo Fire Division, 1837-1977

The Colony Shopping Center Fire, Jan. 12, 1944

Adams Street Fire, Aug. 26, 1949 

University of Toledo, 1959

The tragic tanker fire of June 10, 1961

Earl Hotel Fire, Apr. 27, 1974.

Graph of the Historical Change in Fire Frequency as a Ratio of Population, 1867-1976.

Toledo Fire Graphs and Data

One of the consequences of industrial development has been a vast increase in the frequency of fires. The figures speak for themselves. As to the causes of this change, a general conclusion can be drawn from a comparison of listed causes of fires from 1885 and 1969:




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