"A picture is worth a thousand words," and Toledo's Attic contains over 3,500 images in collections developed since 1995.  New media is crucial to digital history, but cannot be separated from the historical context and the narrative representations of that history.  The early Toledo's Attic projects have utilized interactive panoramas featuring Ohio Historical Markers in Toledo, and with time Flash and slide presentations were added.  Toledo's Broadcasting Service, WGTE, has produced several videos under the Toledo Stories series title, providing yet another rich collection of educational materials.

Toledo History on Map - Explore Toledo history in geographical space

Ohio Historical Markers (index)

Ohio historical markers throughout Toledo speak to the remarkable events and institutions that shaped the community since its foundation.  While the buildings (and the people and organizations who built them) may no longer be there, markers stand as remendes to current and future generations.  This exhibit features Toledo historical markers through photos and interactive panoramic views allowing views to look around the spot. Included with this collection of monuments and descriptions is an essay written by Dr. Timothy Messer-Kruse.

Flash Presentations

Flash (SWF) presentations on various topics, which will play on any device with a Shockwave Plug-in.  iOS devices will not play this content.

Maumee Valley Country Day School:  Tradition and Transformation

Watch this WGTE Video production on the 125-year-old Maumee Valley Country Day School.  "For more than 125 years, Maumee Valley Country Day School has pushed the boundaries of education to provide students with a remarkable learning experience. It is fiercely loved by its alumni, most of whom consider their years at the school as a gift and a privilege and the most important time in their lives...."

Slide shows

These slideshows feature the images collections in Toledo's Attic, and aree accessible by all desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

Toledo Stories from WGTE Public Media

WGTE has produced many documentaries about Toledo's past.  These videos are available online and can be accessed here or on the WGTE Website:



In addition to these documentaries, WGTE also produces KnowledgeStream,  collection of lectures and presentations by local scholars.  Related recordings:

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