Toledo's Attic visitors can interact with local history information resources and discussions in several social networking communities.  Past and recent postings included questions and comments about historical events, organizations, people and locations in and around Toledo.

Most popular social networks

Facebook - The Toledo's Attic Facebook community has been steadily growing with discussions on local history, collectibles, etc. Members receive feeds about new local history sites, news, and events.  Within Facebook, there are a number of groups of potential interest to Toledo history buffs, to name a few here: East Toledo Historical Society, HISTORIC TOLEDO (OHIO-USA)Historic Vistula Foundation, Old West End Historic District, TARTA History Group, and Toledo Memorabilia, History And Memories.

Twitter - The Toledo's Attic Twitter site is a recent addition to help us reach out to the community. Members receive feeds about new local history sites, news, and events.

Instagram - Photosharing social network, allowing users to use their mobile devices to acquire, tag, and share images.  Visit Toledo's Attic on Instagram.   If you are interested, please tag such photos with #toledosattic, and it will appear in the gallery. 

Flickr - The Flickr site for Toledo's Attic is available for the community to share, discuss, and tag photographs of people, organizations, places, and events. Flickr users posting digital content will retain ownership of their photos but should read their "Terms of Use," which is not governed by Toledo's Attic.  Particularly interesting is the collection od old photographs titled Toledo: Back in Time (Flickr)

Pinterest - The Toledo's Attic site in Pinterest allows pinning images of historic Toledo from all over the Web.  Pnning is simply a way of aggregating links to image collections all over the Web, and a great way to use shared linked data related to the history of Toledo and Northwest Ohio.  Simply click on the images in the Pinterest box to the right and on the Tour Toledo page to explore these pinned collections.

YouTube - The Toledo's Attic channel on Youtube contained bookmarked videos related to Toledo's commercial, industrial and social history.

For historians and local history buffs

Wordpress - discussions on local history, collectibles, and other related topics

Our ongoing projects will invite interested participants to engage in the following communities:

HistoryPin - Visit Toledo's Attic's designated channel on HistoryPin.  HistoryPin offers a nice timeline slider to explore various decades and images created within those time frames. The maps aid in spatial searching and browsing.

Visit our social media experiments with and Tumblr.

Open Library - The Toledo's Attic site in Open Library invites interested readers to enhance the descriptions in the shared catalog.  Readers can also add new items listed in Shelfari but not yet added to this site. 

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